Wednesday Wonderfuls – What are Affirmations? How do I do them?

What are affirmations?

Have you ever wondered about affirmations? What they are, how to do them?

You’re not alone!  Affirmations are a positive tool to help attract things to your life, that make you feel better. Think about it! We are all star stuff! Everything we are once existed inside a dying star. We are this slowed down energy. Affirmations work with energy. When you affirm something, you make it definite. Affirmations can work positively or negatively.

One of my favourite places to eat in Dublin is Oolong – Flower Power on Stephen’s Street. It’s a charming tea shop (with awesome food, and lovely staff). One awesome thing about it is that they have an affirmation board. You donate, create and share an affirmation, and it is posted on the board. It fills me with joy to read some of it.

Examples of affirmations

Have you ever thought “I am never going to get a parking spot”, or “I’ll never beat this level”. That is a negative affirmation. Another is prayer. Prayer is a type of affirmation where you express devotion and good will to others, connect to a higher power, and show respect.

                Hail Mary
                Full of grace
                The Lord is with thee
                Blessed are thou amongst women
                Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

If we look at the above prayer, it is showing respect and devotion to Mary, her child, and her status in the church. Those who say this prayer give love and devotion.

Another place you see affirmations is in school, and on the Simpsons…


That type of “affirmation” was used to teach us a lesson. We can use that same methodology to learn lessons…

Turn that negative thought on it’s head!

Negative thoughts make you feel low, and give a low vibration. Positive thoughts make you feel good, and give a high vibration. Sometimes, however it is ok to feel low, but perhaps it is an idea, to try and touch in and feel positivity – to vibrate in a positive way. By thinking something for seventeen seconds, you give it power. you need to feel it, to visualise yourself there. Remember, as a kid, when you wanted that new bike from Santa? You said “I want a bike” you put it out there, you let go, and it came. Affirmations work on that very principle. You may want to feel better, feel stronger in yourself, get a new job, get more money, be happier, get a holiday. It can happen!

Step 1 – Go to your happy place

Grab a pen and paper, you will need this later! You may feel that you should choose what it is you need to affirm, or bring into your life, but without a feeling of joy, it will not be effective. Here is a nice meditation to get you to your happy place, however you can find shorter ones online, if you need to do it faster.

 Step 2 – Visualise your needs

In your safe space, think about how you are, and what you may need in your life. What we want, and what we need are sometimes very different. Ask what you need in your mind’s eye, then take the pen and paper, and start writing everything that comes to mind. A mind map will appear, you may write a few things, or you may write a great many things. It does not matter. You will write what you need to!

Step 3 – Create your affirmations

After seeing what it is you need, now let’s create some affirmations! These can be a single sentence, a poem, or a paragraph. Again, it does not matter the length, or how well it is worded, it is important for it to connect to you, to be your words, in your voice – that way, it will work the best. Use words like:

  • I believe that…
  • I choose to know…
  • I can’t wait for…
  • I am abundant and…
  • I flow with great creativity that…

 Step 4 – Use your affirmations

Everywhere! Do it daily, write them down, combine then with Feng Shui and create affirmations for each area of your house, based on a bagua plan. Write them in a diary, repeat them (like lines in school – see above)

There’s actually a great post that inspired me to write this…

Over to you…

Do you use affirmations? Would you try? What do you want to affirm, how does it make you feel?


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