Wherever you are, whatever you are doing right now, whatever you are feeling, and whatever you are perceiving…   It is ok.   Whether you think you are acting like a saint or behaving like a satan…   It is ok.   There is no “good” there is no “bad” there is only experience.…   Try … More Experience

Untitled #dickinson

feeling a funeral in your head, once seemed stupid, kinda crazy, Yes! Possibly? Maybe… I feel a funeral in my head, a stuffy screaming… – Aaaarrrgh! I sit, silent still, because that is how it is done. I was to escape. yes Yes Naimee I am better than this. Yes Anastacia, Yes Anastacia, Tori above, … More Untitled #dickinson

Untitled #alone

Sitting Alone, beside yourself. feeling numb. Desire to achieve yet feeling nothing, Namiee Coleman on the radio; that brings you back! A sense of inner comfort – it hugs you, makes you safe, a snug cocoon. How apt. You desire to achieve, to create, to be beauty… but you know not what happens after the cocoon, … More Untitled #alone

Untitled #sleep

Sleep. Sleep, sleeep, sleep! Relax, fall deep. Sleep…sleeep…sleep! forgive, forget, fall numb – not knowing any-one. Sleep… It is now dark, feel warm, relaxed, un-wrapped. Love…love…What is love? love is… …sleeep…

Untitled #21

What is Youth? Wanting to be Old, Being old is wanting your youth. Is satisfaction so brief? At Twenty-One, feeling numb, prime gone, lost forever. Stolen.