Canva is Awesome!!! – Re-blog from my students

Lets talk about Canva – What is Canva? For those new to Canva, Canva is a free (almost free) graphic-design tool website available for aspiring designers. Its compatible with all major Social Media platforms. How best to describe Canva. It’s visual, colorful, user friendly, fun and some would argue too rich for my blood. But hey … More Canva is Awesome!!! – Re-blog from my students

HTML Symbols

HTML Symbols and Glyphs Pretty nice find. Use shortcodes or just copy paste into social media sites!   ✢ 4 Tear-drop asterisk✢ ✣ 4 Balloon asterisk✣ ✥ Club asterisk✥ ✤ 4 Balloon asterisk heavy✤ ✦ 4-pointed star black✦ ✧ 4-pointed star white✧ ✩ Stress outlined star✩ ✪ Circled white star✪ ✫ Open centre black star✫ … More HTML Symbols