Friggatriskaidekaphobia is a fear of Friday the 13th. Fear not, it’s Friday. Feel good and random factoids for you.

  • Thank you, Ed - As part of The Artist’s Way, you are tasked with writing a thank you letter to your biggest defender. At the time, my former Tutor from NCAD was someone who really believed in my creativity, even when I was a pain in the neck. I wrote this some time ago, but wanted to share it … More Thank you, Ed
  • Cleo One Word is an Inspiration - Secret She is an experience, She walks in the shadows, looking for herself, She knows she is on a path – but not where it goes. Walking – one foot after the other – this is how she moves, Walking – not knowing where the next one will land, Walking – each step is an … More One Word is an Inspiration
  • I write because… - …I like to write. Writing was not always something I was good at, per se – more so it was something I enjoyed. At school, I was often told I could not write. Many’s a time “Syntax” would be highlighted in my essays. I often was not great and developing plot – and sometimes I … More I write because…
  • Canva is Awesome!!! – Re-blog from my students - Lets talk about Canva – What is Canva? For those new to Canva, Canva is a free (almost free) graphic-design tool website available for aspiring designers. Its compatible with all major Social Media platforms. How best to describe Canva. It’s visual, colorful, user friendly, fun and some would argue too rich for my blood. But hey … More Canva is Awesome!!! – Re-blog from my students
  • slowwwga Slowwwga – What’s it all about? - What is Slowwwga? This Wednesday, I had the chance to try out slowwwga, in INIT Yoga studios, in Ringsend. Slowwwga is a type of yoga devised by Victoria Mary Clarke. Victoria says herself, that she finds meditation and relaxation hard sometimes, because she may think of random things, like shopping or eating cake. She is … More Slowwwga – What’s it all about?
  • Holiday Pusheen -
  • Friday Meme - Wintour Is Coming
  • Friday Factoid - jtotheizzoe: the-star-stuff: Here’s what Pangea looks like mapped with modern political borders Come together.
  • Domestic Violence - My Friend Jane wrote this. its really important. And everyone should read it. Exactly a year ago, my then-boyfriend put me in a headlock and punched me until his hand shattered. The only reason I didn’t die on my bedroom floor on the night of May 3, 2012 is that he didn’t know where to … More Domestic Violence
  • EYEday 😦 - so tumbles, I broke my face 😥


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