Irish Capital Investment Plan, or an engineered election list of breakable promises

Recently the Irish Government announced a raft of investment aimed at buoying the economy and building on infrastructure. I saw this post online. I think it succinctly sums up exactly what this raft of “promises” really means, if the promises will ever be delivered.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 19.48.49

If anyone thinks otherwise, Hello Dory, I’m looking forward to Finding Nemo 2. Please don’t forget the hames of a mess Fianna Fail put the country in, nor the austerity medication the FG+Lab coalition inflicted on us. Granted it’s more FG’s fault – labour are more likely to lose out…baffling. Still, there are alternatives, Independents, Social Democrats, Sinn Féin Ireland,People Before Profit, Anti Austerity Alliance, Independents like Katherine Zappone, Mick Wallace, Clare Daly, Tommy Broughan and Catherine Murphy – who have done outstanding work in the Oireachtas, or right wing groups like Renua Ireland, Shane Ross‘ Independent alliance or something. Don’t settle for civil war politics and broken promises. Don’t settle for what had been the last 100 years of failure. Bertinomics, lack of investment, catering to big business while neglecting the needs of ordinary people. I pray the People of Dun Laoghaire do not vote in Mary Hannafin, or her ilk that ruined the country. Seeing Bobby Aylward’s sense of entitlement on Vincent Browne constituency debate nearly made me sick. I am sick of lies. I want a representative government that cares for it’s people. I want the change I was promised in 2011. Please avoid the likes of Michael Healy Rae, Matty McGrath or any other parish pumping yokel, only interested in doing the job of a county councillor, or the likes of MEP Brian Crowley, who gets elected and does nothing.

We need change. We need action on Women’s rights, starting by repealing the 8th. We need proper immediate investment on project promised a decade ago, like Dart Underground, Innovations like Luas Cork, Rail links to more country destinations like Donegal, Monaghan, and another line of track to Galway – making Ireland more accessible and making the so called “recovery” easy to share. We need a fairer tax system, where those who can afford more, pay more. We need proper public services and value for money. This week, all over D6 I see horrid posters from Eoghan Murphy – calling for “Lower Taxes, responsible spending”. I do not want lower taxes, and another erosion of the tax base. I do not want Bertienomics. I would happily pay tax and receive better public infrastructure, better services, safer communities, teachers for our children, the homeless and vulnerable protected, treatment for those suffering with addictions – such as supervised centres where they can inject safely, and not in places like Dublin Bus or a playground where a three year old can sit on a needle and be threatened with HIV or hepatitis. I want our older citizens, who have paid their lives to have some comfort and dignity in their autumn and winter years. I want, I suppose good governance. Something needs to change. Change was promised 5 years ago. I am still waiting for it to be delivered…

Sorry. Rant over.


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