What’s this all about then?


Hi! My name is Keith Michael Gregg. I am an Aries, and the oldest of five! I recently became an uncle, which is super amazing!  I am a Creative, Artist, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Creative Coach, Teacher and Trainer from Dublin, Ireland.


I set this blog up to talk about the work I do and the things I like. The posts in this blog are purely my own and not the views of any associations or groups I am affiliated to.


GradI graduated from the National College of Art & Design in Dublin in June 2006 with a BA in Art & Design Education, specialising in Graphic Design. I was crazy and went back to Education in 2012, studying a HDip in Web technologies, followed by an MSc in Web Technologies, graduating in 2015.


I have worked in Display, Education and as a freelance Graphic and Website Designer. I also built my own websites, which are currently in redevelopment – http://www.keithmiketom.com and http://www.keithgregg.com – showcasing my Art and Design work respectively. I have designed sites for a number of clients. I currently teach Social Media and Web Design. I love it

I have a wide variety of interests.