Six Word Story Challenge

Sometimes Stellar Storyteller

I usually take part in these challenges on Twitter when they are posted by the likes ofTablo PublishingandKelsye Nelsonbut when I saw they ran on WordPress too, I jumped at the chance.

I saw there was a buzz aroundBen Nicholson’schallenge on Blogging 101 and decided to jump into that one too.

The prompt for this story challenge was Loss and my six word story is:

Today would have been his birthday.

This is actually very poignant for me as today would in fact have been my dad’s 60th birthday so I couldn’t click past this one.

If you tried this or any other challenge, I look forward to reading where you went with it. Please post a link to your challenges in the comments below so I can find them easily.

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2 thoughts on “Six Word Story Challenge

    1. No problem! I love the idea and I definitely want to have a go! I loved reading your take on it. I find it like haiku, simple and effective, with so much scope to interpret


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