Thank you, Ed

As part of The Artist’s Way, you are tasked with writing a thank you letter to your biggest defender. At the time, my former Tutor from NCAD was someone who really believed in my creativity, even when I was a pain in the neck. I wrote this some time ago, but wanted to share it … More Thank you, Ed

Untitled #dickinson

feeling a funeral in your head, once seemed stupid, kinda crazy, Yes! Possibly? Maybe… I feel a funeral in my head, a stuffy screaming… – Aaaarrrgh! I sit, silent still, because that is how it is done. I was to escape. yes Yes Naimee I am better than this. Yes Anastacia, Yes Anastacia, Tori above, … More Untitled #dickinson

Untitled #alone

Sitting Alone, beside yourself. feeling numb. Desire to achieve yet feeling nothing, Namiee Coleman on the radio; that brings you back! A sense of inner comfort – it hugs you, makes you safe, a snug cocoon. How apt. You desire to achieve, to create, to be beauty… but you know not what happens after the cocoon, … More Untitled #alone

Untitled #sleep

Sleep. Sleep, sleeep, sleep! Relax, fall deep. Sleep…sleeep…sleep! forgive, forget, fall numb – not knowing any-one. Sleep… It is now dark, feel warm, relaxed, un-wrapped. Love…love…What is love? love is… …sleeep…

Untitled #21

What is Youth? Wanting to be Old, Being old is wanting your youth. Is satisfaction so brief? At Twenty-One, feeling numb, prime gone, lost forever. Stolen.

Wednesday Wonderfuls – What are Affirmations? How do I do them?

What are affirmations? Have you ever wondered about affirmations? What they are, how to do them? You’re not alone!  Affirmations are a positive tool to help attract things to your life, that make you feel better. Think about it! We are all star stuff! Everything we are once existed inside a dying star. We are … More Wednesday Wonderfuls – What are Affirmations? How do I do them?

Canva is Awesome!!! – Re-blog from my students

Lets talk about Canva – What is Canva? For those new to Canva, Canva is a free (almost free) graphic-design tool website available for aspiring designers. Its compatible with all major Social Media platforms. How best to describe Canva. It’s visual, colorful, user friendly, fun and some would argue too rich for my blood. But hey … More Canva is Awesome!!! – Re-blog from my students