Moldavite – My experience

Do you ever feel that sometimes, you see something or notice something, or perhaps someone mentions something? Sometimes it’s a case that when this occurs, you can’t stop thinking about it or seeing it?


This is Moldavite

This exact thing happened to me recently with the gemstone Moldavite. Moldavite is a pretty special type of tektite – a sort of glass gemstone that was formed when a meteor crashed into Earth. It is only found in the Czech Republic near the river Molda. Tektites are usually black, you may know about Obsidian or Apache Tears.  They are a type of volcanic or natural glass. I love crystals. I like them because they are nice. I like them because they always save the day. Even if they don’t, they’ll always find a way (kudos if you get the reference).



Now I will admit, a lot of the time I am sceptical of a lot of things. I will always question anything, especially if what comes up sounds somewhat funky or offbeat. It kept coming up so I decided to get some. Forewarning…it’s not cheap. But is very much worth it! When I got my piece, I decided to wear it. It was so bizarre, things got heavy. I got a lot of headaches and felt very ill for a few days. It wasn’t until my lovely friend Naomi mentioned “Hey, maybe its the moldavite”, when I took it off and felt instantly better. She put it on then and felt woozy after about a half an hour.

Syncing with your Moldavite…what worked for me!

From what I have seen Moldavite is a detox tool. It works through your vibration and shifts anything that is not in sync with you. I guess that’s why I got the illness. What is a good way of speeding up an integration with the moldavite, is to wear is when you sleep. It works with your subconscious and integrates with you while you heal yourself, it’s definitely the best time. A pendant with a long chain so it covers your heart space is good because Green is the colour of the heart chakra. Oddly enough, I have been sleeping with it since I realised it’s initial intensity. It really helped me link with it, and it also gave me the best nights sleep. I have been wearing it during the day, and feel very light and in my power while I wear it. Now a week later I wear it non-stop, and I am fine. Other people note it takes them a few months to integrate with it. It took me four days.

It also says that great shifts will happen in your life while you wear it. This week is very much testament to that. Oddly, though my world is kinda turned upside down, I have never felt more “OK” and sure things will be “OK”. Moldavite pushes you into the firing line of life, it challenges you but it also brings you to the destination you need to be at. Many people have shared this feeling.

Should you get it?

When you go to get some, perhaps inspect it. See if it resonates with you. You also want a genuine piece. Look for oblong (egg-shaped) bubbles in the crystal. If those are there, boom! it’s legit. If there are lots of spherical ones, it’s probably fake. Personally, I think everyone needs some, but if it’s meant for you, you’ll find it. Enjoy it, it’s great.


Much love





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