Wherever you are, whatever you are doing right now, whatever you are feeling, and whatever you are perceiving…


It is ok.


Whether you think you are acting like a saint or behaving like a satan…


It is ok.


There is no “good” there is no “bad” there is only experience.


Try to be a good experience.


Shit happens, and yeah we can do shit things, but guess what…


You Are Human


At the end of the day you can obsess, or you can accept, feel, and move on. Once the ink is dry, it can’t be unwritten so do yourself a favour…

Love yourself

Accept yourself


…as you are and forgive yourself – not that there is anything to forgive – but once you do, start fresh.

Every second we breathe it’s a clean slate. What’s passed is the past. Done, finito, end of…


…go have fun!



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