Thank you, Ed

As part of The Artist’s Way, you are tasked with writing a thank you letter to your biggest defender. At the time, my former Tutor from NCAD was someone who really believed in my creativity, even when I was a pain in the neck. I wrote this some time ago, but wanted to share it today.


Dear Ed,

Thank you. Thank you for always encouraging me, believing in me, and seeing that I had something worth sharing.

You always encouraged me, even the time I purposefully tried to fail. You were a brilliant tutor, and an even better mentor. You are wonderfully skilled, talented, mindful and patient with those learning from you. I was privileged to be in your class, and to learn from you.

I may be creative, I may learn fast, I can create beautiful things, but you taught me, too – that it is important to ask for help more often than I did. A skill I still sometimes forget. You helped me to create six pieces that my 23-year-old self was immensely proud of. I may have not been producing a vast amount of work in the past ten years, but helping others bring out their creativity – this was a gift that you gave me, too. I will always be thankful for your guidance, support and widsom

Thanks Ed!

Keith 🙂


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