Did I shave my legs for this? And other short stories – An evaluation of an Education

Master of Something – Jack of Nothing

As some of you may or may not know, I recently (read in January 2015) completed my Masters. I studied Web Technologies. Those of you reading this blog may think – blog web makes sense… – however those that know me, may know my background is Education – Art and Design Education – but somewhere along the way, I misplaced my personal creativity.

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The Masters (of Science – which is ironic as I never did Science in school) was great, but the more I learned, the less I knew. My eyes were opened up to the marvels of HTML and CSS. I was shown an alert box, and hey presto, I knew JavaScript (seemingly). I even had dalliances with C#, Visual Basic, mySQL, and Ruby on Rails. I taught myself FTP, WordPress, a bit of PHP – the things I wanted to learn that were not taught – but the more I learned, the more I knew I did not know very much at all. Granted, I can manipulate a site, I can make it very pretty with CSS (or preferably Sassy CSS). I miss my creative practice. I miss putting pen or pencil, or marker to paper and going mental! Why don’t I do just that? It’s almost like a disconnect.

Its like trying to thread a needed with one eye and a hand behind your back…it’s not that easy, sadly.


What happened to the Creativity – Stop the ride, I wanna get off!

While this could *almost* be a separate post, it is still part of the story. Procrastination.

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My best friend. My deadly enemy. So many times we have swirled dalliances betwixt one another. So many times I have searched and sorted and looked for something to do, other than what I am meant to be doing. Ironing – I could play candy crush saga for an hour. Tidying, hmmmm…I could just lie down, and meditate. More often than not, even if it is something I want to do, I will discover an excuse for why not to do this.

Umrellas Les Parapluis – Renoir

I must take the first steps. Writing about what’s going on in my head, or indeed going through old journals to remind me how I approached art before. So many unfinished stories – some explored but not excavated…some never will be. Some may need to be returned to, not unlike Renoir’s “Les Parapluis” – a painting that Renoir started, forgot, then finished 10 years later, in a different, freer style.

Finding Ground

Start as you mean to go on. Sometimes, you need to go back to basics. Successes like “The Mindfulness Colouring Book” can help the creative tap into their creative core. Courses like Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” can entice the inner creative out of the non creative shell. Even Tiger or other small stores offer simple colouring books, which can spark a light and burn the creative flame inside.

Meditations and affirmations, as well as small creative bursts can help someone get back on the horse. It’s hard, but as they say, sometimes hard things are very worthwhile to be doing.


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