My writing habits – how do I write?

Or should that be how should I write?

I suppose, I started #writing101 to be able to be a better writer – further to that, to write more frequently. At present, I write when I feel like it, which is probably a bad idea. I ought to set a time, place, and space to publish content. Lately, with the change of seasons, weather, light, and warmth I feel like I want to hide in my nest, and squirrel away for the winter…skip 18 hours and I am in my local Starbucks. I thought coming here may help me to be more dedicated in my writing, however the hustle and bustle  seems to be distracting. I wrote a sixty-four-thousand-word thesis – a blog should be child’s play. The a disturbing thought enters the frey…what if I used up all my ability to write, writing the thesis? I know as nonsensical as it sounds, perhaps my will to scribe and create is somewhat diminished due to writing a lot about something I had marginal interest in.

I suppose, as crazy as it sounds, I do love to write, but writing is somewhat of a challenge at the best of times. Particularly when I am the subject matter. Others seem to find that really easy to discuss. Me, not so much. I suppose if I can meditate, I can write. Should I be writing old fashioned – as it were, pen to paper or should I just attack a blank document is word, and start typing frantically, deleting words I mis-spell, and re-writing. your eternal critic is a pain and a blessing at times.

I suppose, common to every time I attempt to write, I have to be in the zone – vis-a-vis in the right frame of thought to create something, to be eloquent. Writing is not easy – well that is a lie. Writing is easy, but writing well, not so much. This is my cross, this is the crux of where I fall down. I write, I stop, I do not continue. I have several (in the tens, nearing hundreds) of started articles and blog posts I haven’t finished. Suffice to say, this is not my only blog (I have three) but it is the one where I am most present right now. On top of this, I am a few days behind in my blogging exercises. I should be a lot further ahead. I have two from last week to catch up on, (which I will do – promise), but I have to honour my (lack) of energy right now, and go with what works.

I have a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule at present, and I re-blog articles of interest here. I suppose this started out as an art blog, but has evolved into a me blog. I have many, many hats (read skills), and many many circles in which I show these hats. A lot of my connections, like my friend James do not know what I can do, who, last week was surprised I can read (amazingly well) Tarot and other oracle cards. There is a lot to me, there is little I share. I am an open book, it is not my fault that few read me.


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