A Year Away from Home, the Dublin Experience


I could write a book if I had to write down everything that I have experienced in the past one year. From the struggle to get here, to the people I’ve met, the college experience, living on my own, last-minute project submissions, crushes, drunk nights, struggle to get part-time jobs, sacrifices, friends I’ve made, disappointments with some, trips, trips and more trips… I have tried to cut it short and avoided to make it sound like a melodramatic essay, if you know me well you might  have already heard about all that I’ve written but I would still encourage you to read on, because I’ve bloody taken time to write it. I hope this is a good enough introduction to begin this post, since you have survived so far you should probably read on.

The Study Abroad Idea!

I always wanted to study overseas, but the cost of doing it…

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