Writing 101: Finding Your Inspiration; Day Three: One-Word Inspiration

Please read this. it will give some insight into what life is like for so many. Even trying to use their voice is a challenge. Well done Gertie. I can’t wait to read more chapters of your journey.

Gertie's Journey

Today’s assignment for Writing 101: Finding Your Inspiration is to get inspired by a word and then write about. We were give a list of six words to choose from which are: Treasure, Regret, Home, Love, Uncertainty and Secret. This list was a tough one to choose from because they all inspired me to write. I am choosing to write about regret.

There is a quote saying, “When I look back on life, I rather regret the things I do than the things I didn’t do.”  When, I first heard this quote, it hit close to home. It hit close to home because there has been a great deal of things, I regret not doing. Unfortunately, most of the things I regret not doing is because my mental illness got in way. I am not blaming my mental health diagnosis; I’m just stating that the symptoms of my mental illness is what played a…

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