I write because…

…I like to write. Writing was not always something I was good at, per se – more so it was something I enjoyed. At school, I was often told I could not write. Many’s a time “Syntax” would be highlighted in my essays. I often was not great and developing plot – and sometimes I would go off on a tangent. I hid my writing, ashamed of my prose and lines, because a teacher said it was not good enough.


Then, I became a teacher.

An Art Teacher, mind, but a teacher nonetheless. What differentiates Art and English is a creative process, not tied to any rule or reason. You create, that is all. Granted there is a design process to be followed, research to be done, but what you create is correct, because it is you. In learning how to create, I better learned how to write. It is because I found writing so hard, or to be more precise, I never properly learned how to write (maybe I was not taught), I did not know how to. Microsoft Word was one of my best teachers. Harper Lee, Sylvia Plath, Dorris Lessing, and Emily Dickinson we other great muses. Maybe my writing is not the best, maybe I am far from perfect, but I am still learning. We all are. Whether we admit it, or not. We only truly learn by making mistakes – if we got it right the first time, every time, we would never develop. I truly believe many of us hide our creativity, for fear of criticism, or lack of acknowledgement – however if we try, and even if we fail, it is better we tried, isn’t it? This month, I am partaking in a writing course. I aim to write every day – if I don’t I apologise in advance. The topics will be varied, and I will do my best to write something engaging or inspiring every day.

If you fear trying, you fear living.

Do you write? Why do you write? What does it do for you? Writing – like reading can open a whole new dimension, ready to explore, learn and love. Many of the greatest writers of our times were some of the biggest failures of theirs. Do not let things hold you back. Believe, do, write, achieve!


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