We don’t need ya anymore

Degree of Uncertainty.

We sent the state into a spasm, an its still not quite sure what is it that has just happened an whether its safe for the political class to stop hiding now. (It’s not lads.)
We did that, ‘ordinary’ people, the disorganized left, community groups, social media spread the word and the education, we did the rest. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary people an there turned out to be quite a few of us.
And we did it all by ourselves, we didn’t need any help,any rhetoric or to have our struggle explained back to us using a fat ass lexicon.

What we do need and want is for you to stand with us, we’d be proud for anyone to stand behind a community banner. An I’m not claiming to speak for anybody but myself, that is said safe in the knowledge, that, Yes, we’d really, really like it if you…

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