Wednesday Wonderfuls – Old Ads you love!

While doing a bit of research, I cam across some old ads that I just love. Either they are silly, funny, or weird.

1. Carlsberg Export

Never trust an old Danish lady. Bah baye!

2. Zinger Chicken

merhs mahgihe  baougelj b. Still a classic!

3. Ciunas Bothar Cailin Bainne

Roughly translates as…

” Can I go out to the toilet? <english bit> Red Dog. I like Cake. Cake. And Sharon Ni Bheolain (Boland). I have a jumper. There is a cloud in the sky. GIVE ME THE CAKE” The last bit is “Quiet, Road, Girl, Milk”.

4.  Hello, Kate…

Looks aren’t everything lol! This is from a time just before SMS text messages became cool

5. Poor Julie

I found the matter of fact tone of the voice over hilarious. I know it is terrible, and it is a very serious matter, but the fact that he…well you will see, is just a bit too much.

6. Belly

A fear we all face…

7. Zombies

Love this!

8. Playstation ad

There was an Irish version, who didn’t know where phibsboro was.

9. Sugar Baby Love

10. Kerrygold

very retro

11. Shhhhakespeare

This ad is equally great and irritating 🙂

What are your faves? Comment below and tell me!


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