YouTube in a nutshell

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I am being very, very cheeky for my Friday post this week! I have been busy, and had no time to get ready and post something, so I am sharing writing from some of my former students, Will and Eric, who explain the awesomeness of YouTube – after some of you requested I do more web stuff! Exciting times!


YouTube in a Nutshell

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last 10 years you will know about YouTube, it was founded in 2005 by three former PayPal employees and first appeared on the internet as “” on valentines day in 2005.  The very first video was uploaded in April 2005 by one of the co-founders and it featured him at the San Diego zoo, the video is still there and can still be viewed today.

YouTube was purchased by Google in October 2006 and has grown year by year to become the global internet giant that we all know today.

Looking at YouTube from a business users perspective it has the potential to reach a global audience. Figures from 2014 show that 85% of adults (not including China) would consider themselves regular YouTube visitors.

If you are creating content for the platform the frequency of how often you upload can be down to the individual user and is dependent on the type of channel you have.

If you are a business owner uploading content to showcase your business the quality and correct indexing of your content is probably more important than how how often you actually upload.

Indexing is very important and the proper use of keywords that will ensure your videos are found when the search function is used is paramount.  If this is not done correctly then people will not find your content.

YouTube can be an effective tool for both the B2B and B2C channels.

If you are creating completely original content there are very few limitations with the platform once you adhere to the posting policy and keep your account in good standing.  If your content contains music or images that are copyrighted by a third party they can either be blocked globally or in certain countries.

YouTube have relaxed some of these restrictions recently, where before the content could by restricted they now allow the third party copyright owners  monetization rights for their content on other users channels.

API’s: YouTube is designed to work and integrate across pretty much every platform out there from desktop to mobile apps and its share function integrates smoothly with numerous other social media platforms.

It has its own built in analytics which are quite good and channel usage can be tracked across all demographics.

This is what the main analytics page looks like Screen grab you tube this shows your overall channel performance but this can be further broken down into time frames, regions etc using the sidebar on the left.

YouTube demographics:

How many times have you been stuck while doing something and thought “I will YouTube It”.  Its becoming as popular as Googling something.

The platform truly has global reach with over 1 billion users and viewing numbers showing a year on year increase of around 50% (2014)

On average in 2014 users spent one billion minutes watching just the advertisments, the most popular having a runtime between 30 seconds and 3 minutes.

The most searched for topic in 2014 was music.

Here are some facts and figures that you might find useful;

In 2013, 79% of mothers between 18 and 34 with kids used YouTube.

In 2013, 50% of teenagers rated YouTube as their favorite website.

In 2014, 83% of generation Z used YouTube monthly.

In 2014, 70% of millenials used YouTube monthly.

In 2014, 58% of generation x used YouTube monthly.

YouTube had a 19% of the digital ad market in the U.S (end 2014)

Use on mobile devices increased by 13% between 2013 and 2014.

The electronics industry was the most viewed for 2014.

As of 2014, 345 of of the U.S fortune 500 companies have YouTube accounts.

YouTube is currently available in 61 languages around the world.

This is a sample of a typical YouTube Video upload from my own channel.

Article written by: MrMarlboro2009 & The Irish Will.


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