Surprised by a Blogger Recognition Award!

Oh Wow! Look at this, I am gushing, thanks Colette B for the nomination and the recognition! Dorothy’s story is amazing! I do need to finish a fuller post on how AMAZING she is though ❤

The Wishing Well

Blogging awards have been the subject of much discussion in Blogging101 recently. I had been thinking of finding an ‘award free blog’ badge, as I have seen some. Not that I’d been expecting to receive any nominations, so thought I had plenty of time. However this was a very nice surprise and is humbly and gratefully received from my nominator, meloheart.

My first blog award, received with thanks from meloheart, click the award image to visit her blog, Seeking Romance

As a recipient I pass on the award to say ‘thank you’ to each of the bloggers I now nominate and by way of congratulating their blogging accomplishments 🙂

NB: my list is in no particular order of preference and is missing some worthy contenders for being limited to fifteen:-

  • vnktchari for inspiration, insight and interesting variety at ‘Living Better’ and his other linked blogs
  • darshanneo an emerging young writer…

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