Canva is Awesome!!! – Re-blog from my students

Lets talk about Canva – What is Canva?

For those new to Canva, Canva is a free (almost free) graphic-design tool website available for aspiring designers. Its compatible with all major Social Media platforms.

How best to describe Canva.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet It’s visual, colorful, user friendly, fun and some would argue too rich for my blood. But hey lets not worry about that right now. Lets first look at the visual aspects of the this multi-media design tool. This is Ideal for creating social-media banners, social-media posts, flyers, documents, menus etc etc…. This on-line content creation tool is replete with colors, its easy to manipulate backgrounds, change font sizes and colors. Its the font of life. This unfathomable resource is user-friendly, with its intuitive interface and easy to navigate options. It has an array of free text options, backgrounds, Icons, grids and images. It’s a fun tool to use to jazz up all your social media platforms.

Benefits of Canva

01 Canva Events


As you can see from the above Canva leaves the user spoiled for choice in terms of creating flyers for events, the above includes, Cards, Photo Collages, Wedding Invitations, or invitation cards for any events. Users can be as innovative as their imagination allows for little or no cost. Canva is a good tool to help young people develop their design skills and is a good introduction for aspiring designers.

02 Canva Blogging & eBooks

 Blogging and eBooks

The fun doesn’t stop there… Mwa ha ha! If you want to create way cool info graphics on any subject under the sun the check out the Blogging and eBooks option which opens up a whole array of design options to Canva users, so it does. Infographics, Blog Graphics, Kindle Cover, Album Cover, Blog Title.

03 Canva Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

If you have plans to start a business, why not look at the marketing materials on Canva, with it easy to use interface and beautiful designs. Users can create any of the following Marketing Materials: Flyers, Gift Certificates, Business Cards, Posters, Real Estate Flyer, Food and Drink Menus.

04 Canva Social Media Posts

Social Media Posts

This facility allows you to maximize your reach and engagement with other social media platform users. These templates allows you to create professional looking posts increase your amplification and engagement whether you represent a business or your personal interests. Below are some of the cool options in which you can create all types of visual aides to benefit your business. Social Media, Instagram Posts, Twitter Posts, Pinterest Graphics, Facebook Posts, Facebook Apps,

Cons of Canva

The main drawback of this on-line design tool is “being too rich for my blood”. If you have more ambitious design needs this will end up costing you mega bucks. As in life nothing comes for free, this also applies to Canva.

Authors: Billy and Aidan and Paul and Conor and George and that’s all the gang. Cheers to our great teachers, Keith and Susan.

To find out more about Canva, why not sign up here today and start generating some great designs.


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