Whimsical Worlds: Artists to Follow Now

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From colorful journal pages to creatures made of salvaged materials, here’s a glimpse at the imaginative worlds of textile and multimedia artists on WordPress.com.

The Pale Rook

We discovered Glasgow-basedtextile artist Johanna Flanagan after stumbling upon her post, “Artist’s Statement: Part Two,” and were immediately pulled into her curious world of dollsthat are hand-drawn, sewn, and embroidered. We love her delicate, narrow-waisted figuresin cross-legged positions, many of which are created with recycledfabrics and threads she’s collected over the years.

"Odette," The Pale Rook, Johanna Flanagan “Odette,” The Pale Rook, Johanna Flanagan The free Sketch theme and built-in portfolio featureshowcase Johanna’s characters in a simple yet sophisticated grid, which is separate from her blog posts. (You can enable a portfolio on a number of free and premium themes.)

Anouk de Groot

The world of Anouk de Groot, a folk artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland, is full of fantastic creatures —…

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