Wednesday Wonderful Special – Happy birthday,sis!

Happy birthday, to my Skin & Blister


My sister recently became a Mammy for the first time ever. She’s 29 today. She is not only my first sister, but my first sibling. She’s very special to me, even though I don’t always say it. I was gonna blog about my ten most favourite paintings, but thats next Wednesday now – so Jennifer, here are ten tunes that remind me of you.

1. Work – Masters at work

This song, to me is just so you. I remember you loving it.

2. Mmmmbop – Hanson

You’ll kill me for this one, but we all had our cringey faves (oh hey, Mariah).

3. Key to my Life – Boyzone

You were a bit bz mad. I remember you loving this one in particular though.

4. Lady in Red – Chris De Burgh

#1 the day you were born. I couldn’t not

5. Time to Burn – Storm

This is one I love too, was my ringtone for ages, the days of the 5110 and typing in polyphonic ringtones 🙂

6. Thrift Shop – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

This reminds me of you going to Marlay Park concerts, so many times

7. Scream – Timbaland Ft Nicole Scherzinger and Keri Hilson

I think you preferred “The way I are” but I prefer this one. This reminds me more of you anyways

8. Mufasa – Laidback Luke

I love the Lion King, this reminds me of that, I know ya love Laidback Luke, so he had to be in there 🙂

9. Turn my Swag on – Keri Hilson

This song is just pretty much you.

10. Lean on -Major Lazer

#1 the week Callum was born, so it’s just a little bit special.


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