Twitteracy 1.1: Analysis of Example Lesson – Part 1

I love this – twitteracy! Digital and social media literacy is so important nowadays.

Progressive Educational Change

If you had a chance to look at the example lesson in my previous post, I hope that it was helpful.  If you didn’t have a chance, feel free to take a minute to skim it over.  More than anything, I hope that the steps listed in the lesson seemed fairly simple and very doable.  There is nothing fancy in the lesson, as Twitter is only used as one tool of many to promote learning in the classroom, not as the central component of the classroom (as some educators unfamiliar with Twitter may mistakenly believe).  If the lesson did not seem fairly easy and/or doable, please leave a comment for feedback.  I’m looking to learn and improve as much as anyone else.

My goal in this post is to provide a bit of analysis of the previous lesson to show the reasoning behind each component and perhaps provide some inspiration to take an…

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