Wednesday Wonderfuls – 14 sets of tunes to make you feel warm inside



It’s a very wintery July. There were hailstones here today. I’m feeling rather low, and I decided I need a cheer up. Here are ten tunes that make me feel fuzzy and warm inside, started with 10 – ended up with 14 or so!

1. You do it for Him/Her – Steven Universe

Listen to the lyrics, you can’t but awww

2. That Woman’s got me Drinking – Shane McGowan

Featuring a young Victoria Mary Clarke. I love this song.

3. New – No Doubt

Featured in the Original Fast and Furious, No Doubt are one of my all time fave bands. This song makes me feel warm, happy, and alive. When they released this after 13 years, I can honestly say I was overjoyed! Also, how come Gwen Stefani does not age?!!

4. Invincible – Muse

My “walk up the aisle” or “propose to me” song.

5. Alicia Rules the World – Alicia’s Attic

Hard to find a decent video of this. There is an odd one with Paris Hilton…

6. There Goes the Neighbourhood – Sheryl Crow

It *may* be a throwback to being fourteen, but this song always makes me get up and want to bounce about the room

7. Raspberry Swirl/Glory of the 80’s – Tori Amos

Feel good, weird video, peak 90’s. This is it!

8. 1979/Ava Adore – Smashing Pumpkins

Before he married Jessica Simpson and was afraid of Disneyland Rides, Billy Corgan was sort of cool.

9. Goodnight Moon – Shivaree

Kill Bill is one of my favourite movies, and this tune from its near epilogue always makes me feel warm inside, and safe.

10. Malibu – Hole

11. Oasis/Map of Tasmania – Amanda Palmer

Crazy content, but happy bouncy, and makes you feel better.

12. Holiday – Vampire Weekend

13. Hash Pipe/Island in the sun – Weezer

Seriously under-rated. Amazing, feel good. Yay.

14. Surfing – The Drums

Five words. Obama, I wanna go Surfing.


What makes you feel warm and fuzzy


One thought on “Wednesday Wonderfuls – 14 sets of tunes to make you feel warm inside

  1. I love “Malibu”, but I haven’t listened to it in ages. Thanks for the reminder. I haven’t heard the Shane MacGowan song, so that’s next, but what a great title. (Who knew he needed motivation?)


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