Wednesday Wonderfuls- 10 tunes to make you smile

Ten Tunes to make you smile

Listen in

Wednesday is hump day – It’s not quite near the weekend and its been a while since the weekend. It may be payday tomorrow or Friday, or in three weeks, but Wednesday is generally unremarkable. I have my last Prosperous Heart class tonight, so I need a song or two to make me smile. Music can tell you a lot about a person and these songs say a lot about me, and a lot about today, and a bit about how I am feeling, if you can read into them. They make me smile, and not in a way you may expect…so without further ado…

1. Milk – Garbage

You *may* think this unusual, however this song is one of my faves, and it makes me feel very secure. None of us are perfect, by any means, and this song says just that to me, but it also makes me feel perfect at being me.

2. Chandelier – Cover by Blair Kelly

Blair is a good friend, and a talented Scottish singer/songwriter. He has a repertoire of inspiring and provoking songs, however sometimes he does a cover, and this is an example of an omnipresent song being made his own. If you want to, check him out on Facebook – or you can buy his album on iTunes – it’s really good!

3. You Look So Fine – Garbage

My second Garbage song. My favourite song. Listen to the lyrics. They say it all…

4. Mr Roboto – Styx

This is a feel-good fave of mine. A great one for getting up and bopping around to!

5. Bitch Falcon – Syncope

Bitch Falcon are an incredible up and coming trio from Dublin. Their music is heavy, but accessible. Raw and powerful. Check them out on twitter, too!

6. Stronger than You – Garnet (Estelle – Steven Universe)

I love Steven Universe. It is a fun, feel good cartoon, by Rebecca Sugar. It has a complex narrative and plotline, for a ten mins cartoon. This song always makes me feel good about me.

7. Train – Goldfrapp

Goldfrapp are one of my favourite, if often forgotten bands to listen to. Train, like all their tracks, is punchy and powerful.

8. Mud – Peaches

I love the teaches of peaches.

9. Taking it all – The Misfits

Remember the 80’s? Remember Jem? Remember the Misfits? Their songs WERE better!

10.  Evil – Interpol

This song, is somewhat creepy, (mainly the giant puppet) but is also reassuring. It rounds off my ten tunes for today, that make me smile

What songs do you like? What songs cheer you up? What are your Wednesday wonderfuls?


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