What in the world is Wondering – and how the heck do I teach it?!

This is a really interesting, and thought provoking article on the power of wondering

School Teacher Superhero

Wonder 3

This is the second in a month-long series of posts for Teachers Write!. I’m also posting it as my third Slice of (a Teacher’s) Life because it focuses on a personal teaching experience and lesson learned.

It’s all about wondering and ways to support emergent multilinguals (aka English learners) in their writing development. Find my first Teachers Write! post here. Find my Slice of (a Teacher’s) Life posts here and here.

I wonder…”

If you’re reading this, it’s safe to say that you know what wondering is. I’m sure you’ve even spent some time doing it. Somehow, along the way, you learned its deep nuances. You know that there’s a little bit of questioning, but not challenge. It’s kind of like pondering but with less drawn-out-thought. When you Google something you wonder about, you’re satisfied with the Wikipedia answer. No further research needed. In the act of wondering our eyes…

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3 thoughts on “What in the world is Wondering – and how the heck do I teach it?!

  1. Keith – thank you for the reblog. I’m honored. I’ve been poking around your site and really enjoy it. I’m an educator who’s trained as an artist. I always admire those who make creativity their living. I look forward to more from you blog!


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