RE-Blog: Sit down Sunday: Some Savoury, Some Sweet

Legibility, UX and the Web

readvleg Readability v legibility

Legibility is a major, MAJOR consideration in design and UX implementation. It should be the first thing you think about – yet with most companies, even juggernauts like Microsoft, illegible text, goes by unchecked. Colm Roche writes quite beautifully over on about why Legibility is not optional

Colourblindness is something that effects a great many people, however, it’s not something many designers consider when developing a web site or application. Designer Aaron Tenbuuren, (who is colourblind himself) writes a compelling argument why this not only makes sites more accessible to colourblind people, but more enjoyable for all.

Blogging, Networking and getting out there

hard times

Blogging is arguably very hard. The aforementioned Aaron Tenbuuren’s first post is basically a post about how hard it is to write a blog post. Ryan Hoover Argues that blogging is the new CV (or resumé – if you are from the USA). He validly argues that blogging is the new CV, the new way to connect and get noticed. Employers are more likely to look at what you write online, rather than what you write on a two-page mish mash of what you say you can do. He lists some really great tips about starting a blog, and why it is important to be passionate about what you write about.

Loic Le Meur writes about the power of social networking, and connecting, getting likeable sharable content, how to interact, what to post and how to share. Its an interesting read.

Elaine White gives some insightful tips as a writer, about how to write more, what to do to get out there, and how to keep going. While more tailored to writing books, she gives insight to the power of Google Apps, which as a collaborative tool, must not be underestimated.


In relation to Networking, Fintan Friel writes on Jobcare’s Jobnet programme about how he found the daunting task of networking at an event. USspire also gives some great tips about how to network in a sea of people, and interact as a small fish in a big pond.

Cats – not what you think

While going though my medium feed for Sunday, I noticed this article, which piqued my interest (for those of you who do not know me – I like cats [a lot]). Interestingly, it tied in the interest I was looking for in writing this re-blog post, as well as talking about cats, which I love. It has some terrific insights as to how Content is King – and how that should be what you build, not the fluffy and pretty i.e. if the food bowl is empty, but pretty, the cats won’t come. Fill it with awesome catfood, and the cats will come ten to the dozen.

It may be obvious, but I love reading posts. It has some great content, from a variety of backgrounds, and it can really help you learn and interact, and gain new insights and followers. There are many collections there too, which you can follow, or interact with and hopefully, you can be popular (online).

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