RE-blog 5 Things Abusers Don’t Want You To Know

Mary K-Create Your Life

I like Facebook. I use it to keep up with my family overseas.  My business page keeps my clients informed of “what’s new” in the holistic arena. It’s true, I love the kitty, dog…ok all the animal posts – who can resist them! However, last night I read a post that shook my soul. It surfaced emotions so deep, so strong, that they startled me.  So what was this Facebook post could have rocked my world so deeply?  It was a post about women who returned to violent partners after they received, and believed their written, heartfelt apologies. What was the outcome?  They all ended up DEAD! They were killed – no murdered by their so-called “repentant” partner, who promised it would never, ever happen again. These women died because they believed in love and saw the goodness of their abuser. They died because they believed their abuser would change…

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