20 Life Lessons From “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead”


Ever since I first saw it in the theater at 12 years old, DTMBD has maintained a constant position on my ever-evolving favorite-movies-of-all-time list, partially because of nostalgia, but mostly because it’s a solid, funny, film that featured kids that smoked cigarettes and pot, watched TV all day instead of playing outside, had dirty mouths, and embezzled money, yet still managed to be better at adulthood than their mother (who, BTW, was such a shitty parent for leaving her five minor children in the care of an ancient stranger so she could gallivant around Australia with her boyfriend for two freaking months). Anyway, the movie has been really influential in my life, from the constant references I make to it, to the actual educational moments it provided. I’ll be focusing on the latter here.

1.) Petty Cash

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