Making things pretty again: Me Vs You

Tah-Dah: Ideas akimbo

So I have started drawing again. I am working on a few mini pieces, but I had an idea about collaborating with a few people to get the ball rolling, in that I would start a few pieces, and have someone else finish them off, as a creative experiment. We would probably do a swap, each adding our own injection into each others work?

so….this means that?

I usually work between drawing and computer edited stuff, but I sometimes paint and sometime batik. I suppose it doesn’t really matter so long as there is a sharing of creativity and ideas, re-interpreting two peoples starting points. I am very much annoyed at the state of the Country at the minute, and although everyone seems to be politically satirical at the moment, I think you can never have too much satire. I also like pretty things, and looking at how people interact, and what people do doing their everyday things. I like to observe, but not in a stalkery or pervy way at all.

Right now I am listening to the Cure, tweeting a bit and avoiding housework. opinions and ideas are always welcome. I hope to have a small body of ideas to work on by next week. I also hope to post a bit more here too. I’m definitely getting better at this whole blogging thing.

Much loves

Keith 🙂


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