The true meaning of November 7

What I Learned today…

Today is a great day. Today is the day I realised, “You know what Keith? You actually are great”. I also learned that is is ok to say no, and that whatever life throws my way, I will always get through it. I learned that I am a strong and confident person, and even though I don’t look how I looked at 21, I still look good. My body is adjusting, and I am really comfortable with that.

The funny thing is it has taken me almost 27 years to realise this. I have some truly amazing friends, and I am doing things that I really do want to do. I don’t know if Dublin is the CIty for me. I am here for now, and though I love travelling, here is where all my things are.

What next?

I kind of am not sure, I mean, I would love to say tons of art, but i don’t know yet. I want to explore, experience and fall in love with Dublin again, only for it to break my heart into a thousand pieces. I want to create, talk about and experience all it has to offer. I wanna walk along the canals or the Liffey and be mesmerised by what i see in the smallest of details. I want to feel like me again.

this is the realisation I came to today, and how I fell it is the true Spirit of November 7th for me, the day I got my groove back…


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