LUAS: At the Heart of the City…

Those of you who LUAS, may have noticed recent advertisments for the Luas Art Competition if not Link is here .
Never before have I thought of entering, mainly because to be honest, do real artists enter these things. However, I quite like hte theme, and incidentally, it ties in to my current research, as the Theme is “Luas taking you to the Heart of Dublin” I have a few ideas however.

I know the Luas is probably the best thing for anyone who lives on the corridors it inhabits, and, with 2 extensions almost complete, I think quite Possibly Luas can take you to the Heart of Dublin, especially if previously, your only option was a 45 bus from Loughlinstown.

But does it serve everyone? Why was there no Northside line built (I’m sorry but going along the city centre line does not count Red Luas) What is the alternative? do you realise the wealth of things that one can do en Dublin? does one even need the Luas for them?

What is at the heart of this city?


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