Where did we go George, where did we go?

Hello, it’s been some time…


Ok so obviously I have not posted here in quite some time. I have been quite busy the past while, having a chest infection, Buying the iPhone 4, moving house, organising a conference for Art teachers, Cancelling Sky (sorry George) and getting UPC (NTL) in, and having to ring them lots to activate my tv, amend my bill etc…or spending evenings with Lisa Ryan and her impeccable fashion sense, and her constantly having to return things to Dundrum (I do enjoy visits to drummy though), Although I am sure the one person reading this wont actually mind.

I am Currently listening to the Smashing Pumpkins Adore album, it reminds me of not only D’arcy, but more poignantly Top Thirty Hits, Eircell Mobile Phones, my classy Motorola Startac, Life before the Luas, and more importantly being 16 and in 5th year in school. Around that time in my life, I was going through a few changes (not that kind) I had moved school, started a job in Roches Stores for the fantabulous sum of £4.30 an hour. This also coincided with my eight year love affair with the “magnificent” 17 bus, quite possibly the worst bus ever. It as the first time I had ever really experienced a change that was significant. It was mostly my decision though. I wanted to move school, it was kind of scary but also kind of fun. I wanted more. Why am I talking about being 16? mainly because I am feeling somewhat in a similar place at the moment. I do want more. I do want to spread my wings further again. But where do you start.

My artwork has suffered with moving. Mostly because I haven’t really unpacked properly, and use my floor as my wardrobe. My life is kinetic at the moment, in that it has so much potential to propel itself, it just needs that push or spark to release it. Gym has also suffered, but this is more to do with foot issues and my laziness. I am envious too that my housemate Steve is somewhat talented at drawing, as well as quite good at drawing amusing imagery/scenarios, where as all I seem to portray of late is vaginal looking things.

Tomorrow is a better day…I shall make art. I shall Iron. I probably wont gym.


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