An Evening with Josie and other short stories…

This weekend I spent some time with my good friend Josie. Josie is a wonderful young lady about Dublin town.

We decided we would on Sunday go for a walk on Dollymount, as is the done thing on a Sunday evening, which probably should have been Sunday Morning. I decided to take my old camera with me, just for fun.
As I was getting on the Dart Josie told me of something she had to do, that she did not want to, but was for the greater good, whichI will put in another post.
We strolled through St. Annes Park on the way. It is a really interesting location. Lots of old buildings and cultivated greenery. I should like to

spend some time there.

North Bull Island/Dollymount Strand is a really lovely place. There was lots to see there too and I have documented this.
We had a really lovely chat about things in general and how beatuiful the beach was, how many
shells there were, (and scary dead crabs). We almost walked to Sutton before we turned back. It also started to rain. it was quite late getting back but the views were worth it…

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