Like a Chicken Tangine with Olives…

Today is a day of woe. I won’t go into it right now, but, its funny when the past rears its ugly (red) head and lets you down, sort of like Chiken Tangine.

Today I went to Ikea with Lisa, but nearly chocked on the way there, (grace de Molly and her magic glands) and when I got there I got Chicken Tangine with olives. I hate olives. Its sort of ok. Its bland and the chicken wasn’t amazing, but in fairness it was the only option really on the table (seeing my inability to consume fishy things). It also came with Lemon CousCous. This was an interesting mix.
In other news, my sunburn is also gone. Its just annoying when things do not go how you sort of expect them too, or more so your safety net turns out to be broken, and well you could have walked the tightrope easily with it, but without it you are not so sure.
I don’t know what I am going to do, more arty things at the immediate in any case, as you are all aware. Thinking of the city and Chicken Tangine, I’ve never heard of it before, but Ikea seem to want to feed me it. Im Glad there is an alternative to Fish or “meatballs” on their uber cheapo menu. I often found with Ikea in the UK it was aimed at you making your home in the City, and here, we are sort of the same. It’s a way of expressing yourself, in a strange sort of way. I only sort of know what I mean by this, and I will expand on it, but at the moment, i really need to scream!
Keithy xox
PS this is apt


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